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Grow with us.

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Our Mission

At Hannick Hair Studio, our mission is to merge our artistic gifts with our unwavering passion for hairstyling. We believe that true beauty emerges when talent is met with heartfelt dedication. Our goal is to provide not just hair services, but transformative experiences that enhance your natural allure. Through our artistry and commitment, we aim to cultivate confidence, foster self-expression, and create lasting connections. At Hannick Hair Studio, every visit is an opportunity to witness the harmonious fusion of our talents and our passion, leaving you radiating with beauty and self-assuredness.

All Hands In

Our Culture

Experience the vibrant synergy of Hannick Hair Studio, where a collective of independent professionals come together to create a unique and thriving salon culture. Each stylist, brings their own expertise and style to the table, collaborating in a supportive environment. This dynamic atmosphere ensures that clients receive personalized care while benefiting from a diverse range of skills. At Hannick Hair Studio, every visit promises a harmonious blend of creativity, community, and client-focused excellence. 

Curious about what it's like to work here?

Feel free to reach out to any of our stylists and ask them about their experience with working at our Salon.


What We Offer

Looking for Full and Part Time Stylists


Chair Rent


1st Month Free w/lease

$65/8 hr Day


$100/8+ hr Day


$16/hr + Commission

Looking for Full and Part Time Nail Techs


1st Month Free w/lease

$40/8 hr Day

$60/8+ hr Day

New European Shampoo Bowls

New Takara Belmont Roller Balls

New Minerva Salon Chairs

New Minerva Dryer Chairs

New Trolleys

New Anti-Fatigue Mats

New Towels

R+Co Core & Bleu Shampoo/Conditioner

Sonos Sound System

Gloss Genius

BTC Subscription

Nespresso Coffee Bar


Cleaning Service

Large Parking Lot

Thriving Stylist Salon since 2022

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